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Doritos Jacked: A Detailed Exploration of Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

Doritos Jacked

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In the ever-evolving landscape of snack innovation, Frito-Lay surprised the market with a bold move – Doritos Jacked. This new flavor not only brought a unique taste but also introduced an entirely new logo to the Doritos brand. In this article, we delve into the details of Doritos Jacked, exploring its distinctive features, flavor profile, and the overall impact it made on the snack scene.

The Special Treatment: A New Logo

The unveiling of Doritos Jacked came with a surprising twist – a new logo exclusive to this flavor. The Ranch Dipped Hot Wings variant received an entirely fresh branding, not seen on any other Doritos flavors or promotional materials. This raised eyebrows, considering the two other Jacked flavors, Enchilada Supreme and Smoky Chipotle BBQ, retained the classic logo. The revelation took a turn when it became apparent that this wasn’t just a new logo for the “Jacked” sub-brand but for the entire Doritos range.

Ranch Dipped Hot Wings: A Familiar Twist

The choice of flavor, Ranch Dipped Hot Wings, might seem like a familiar territory for Doritos enthusiasts. Hot wings-inspired snacks have been explored before in various formats, such as the “Collisions” version with blue cheese and a combination of Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch. However, Doritos Jacked brought a unique twist to the table by not just tweaking the flavor but by “Jacking” up the standard Doritos formula.

Bigger, Bolder, Thicker: The Doritos Jacked Experience

The most noticeable feature of Doritos Jacked is, undoubtedly, the size and thickness of the chips. The isosceles triangles break the mold with sides measuring over 3-1/2 inches, providing a visual and textural departure from the classic Doritos. The chips are not only bigger but also thicker, promising a bolder crunch that sets them apart from the regular tortilla chips.

Flavor Explosion: A Crunchy Adventure

Opening the Doritos Jacked bag is an experience in itself. The orange-red chips almost seem to glow, thanks to the foil packaging, creating a visually striking impression. Pouring them onto a plate reveals their true size, and the anticipation builds. The first crunch confirms the promise of a bolder experience – thicker, harder, and undeniably crunchier than their non-Jacked counterparts.

The Heat and Harmony of Flavor

The flavor profile of Ranch Dipped Hot Wings is a dance between heat and creaminess. The chips pack a reasonably strong level of heat, a testament to the “hot wings” inspiration. However, the ranch element, though present, plays a subtle role, almost overpowered by the dominating hot sauce. It’s a tasty heat, not reaching the super-hot intensity of Fiery Habanero but bold enough to make its mark in the realm of Doritos flavors.

The Tangy Aroma: A Prelude to Flavor

Before the first crunch, the Doritos Jacked experience begins with the smell test. A good tangy ranch aroma wafts from the bag, setting the stage for the forthcoming flavor explosion. Surprisingly, the smell doesn’t hint at the level of heat awaiting the taste buds, creating an intriguing contrast between aroma and taste.


Doritos Jacked, with its Ranch Dipped Hot Wings flavor, proves to be a game-changer in the snack world. The bigger, bolder, and thicker chips, coupled with the intense heat and subtle ranch undertones, offer a unique snacking experience. The special treatment with a new logo adds an element of exclusivity, making it a standout in the Doritos lineup. As the packaging boldly challenges, “Can you handle it?” – Doritos Jacked invites snack enthusiasts to embark on a crunchy adventure that defies the ordinary.


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