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Dreakfast: The Dinner-Breakfast Fusion Unveiled


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In the realm of culinary creativity, there exists a peculiar and controversial meal known as “dreakfast.” This term, a fusion of “dinner” and “breakfast,” describes the practice of consuming leftovers from the previous night’s dinner as the first meal of the day. Typically embraced by a specific demographic – single men living alone between the ages of 20 and 45 – dreakfast has its own niche in the culinary world. However, it is essential to note that women often find the concept of dreakfast rather repulsive, adding an interesting layer to this unconventional meal.

The Origin and Controversy

The term “dreakfast” is not merely a linguistic amalgamation; it also bears a phonetic resemblance to the Yiddish word “dreck,” meaning disgusting or awful. This connection between the sound and the meaning contributes to the divisive nature of dreakfast. A prime example of the clash of opinions emerges when Dave’s girlfriend expressed her displeasure upon discovering him indulging in last night’s pizza and tacos for breakfast. This scenario encapsulates the polarizing reactions dreakfast tends to evoke.

Dreakfast in Various Forms

1. Early Morning Meal at a Crappy Diner

One manifestation of dreakfast is the early morning meal at a less-than-stellar diner. This setting often involves a questionable atmosphere and a menu that might not meet the standards of discerning food enthusiasts. Despite its less-than-ideal conditions, this form of dreakfast appeals to those seeking a quick and convenient start to their day.

2. Late Night Meal Consisting of Breakfast Foods

Another facet of dreakfast occurs during late-night hours, where individuals opt for breakfast foods as a midnight snack. This peculiar twist on traditional breakfast items brings a touch of unpredictability to the culinary experience. Imagine indulging in a plate of pancakes or scrambled eggs as the clock strikes midnight.

3. Early Morning Meal Consisting of Dinner Foods

It also encompasses the unconventional practice of having dinner foods as the first meal of the day. This may involve consuming pasta, cup noodles, or other substantial yet lazy food items after a night of revelry. The purpose is to absorb the effects of a night out, compensating for the lack of a proper dinner before leaving for a party.

Timing: Between Two Regular Meal Times

Distinct from brunch and linner, dreakfast carves its niche by being consumed between two regular meal times. Often enjoyed after a night of partying, it serves as a remedy to absorb the effects of alcohol and late-night festivities. Whether it’s devouring pasta on the night bus or hastily consuming cup noodles, It bridges the gap between the nocturnal escapades and the conventional meal schedule.


In the realm of culinary experimentation, dreakfast emerges as a unique and controversial concept. Its roots in combining dinner and breakfast, coupled with its association with the term “dreck,” make it a subject of fascination and debate. Despite being a preference predominantly for single men, dreakfast takes various forms, from early morning diner escapades to late-night indulgence in breakfast foods. As individuals seek ways to break the fast in unconventional ways, dreakfast stands as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of culinary exploration. Whether it’s a quick diner fix or a post-party pasta feast, dreakfast challenges traditional norms and invites a new perspective on the first meal of the day.


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