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Moon Gazing Gorons (A Comprehensive Guide)

Moon Gazing Gorons

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Embarking on a quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an enchanting journey through intricate narratives and captivating adventures. Among these tales, the “Moon Gazing Gorons” side quest stands out, inviting players to unravel the sentimental journey of Goron elders Tray and Volcon. This comprehensive guide amalgamates insights from various perspectives, providing a roadmap for players seeking to unlock the mysteries of this whimsical quest.

Genesis of the Quest: Tray and Volcon’s Plea

The Moon Gazing Gorons quest takes root after the triumph over the Fire Temple and the defeat of the formidable Marbled Gohma boss. Goron City becomes the stage where Tray and Volcon, weathered elders, approach the player with a heartfelt plea. Their request is simple yet profound — to aid them in rediscovering the location where they once reveled in the magic of the full moon during their youth.

Navigating the Enigma: Lake Ferona Cave

To embark on this poignant quest, players must venture to the mystical Lake Ferona Cave, situated at coordinates 1929, 1286, 0130. For a seamless traverse, launching from the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower and gliding eastward reveals the picturesque Lake Ferona. The cave entrance, distinguished by a round hole above, becomes the portal to the cherished memory of the Goron elders.

Temporal Challenges: Daylight Illumination

Tray’s recollection introduces a captivating twist — the full moon graced the sky in broad daylight. Should players arrive during the morning or nightfall, a crucial task awaits. Ignite a campfire using a bundle of firewood, flint, and a metal weapon to spark the flames. As the fire dances, time transforms, setting the stage for the revelation within the cave.

Illumination within the Depths: The Faux Full Moon

With the passage of time, Lake Ferona Cave unfurls a mesmerizing tableau — a “full moon” adorning the cave floor. However, this celestial illusion is not the moon but sunlight filtering through the round hole above the entrance. Capture this ephemeral moment with a well-timed photograph, preserving the essence of the Goron elders’ cherished recollection.

Gratitude and Rewards

Armed with the snapshot of the simulated full moon, return triumphantly to Tray and Volcon. Witnessing the photograph, the Goron elders are flooded with memories, recognizing the place they yearned to rediscover. Expressing heartfelt gratitude, they bestow upon you 100 Rupees — a tangible token of appreciation for rekindling the magic of their youth.

Beyond Moon Gazing: Simmerstone Springs Quest

Having successfully navigated the Moon Gazing Gorons quest, consider immersing yourself in another compelling mission within Goron City — the Simmerstone Springs quest. Initiated through a conversation with Kima, a Hylian man, this Tears of the Kingdom mission promises not only further adventures but the coveted reward of a Silver Rupee.


The Moon Gazing Gorons quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom serves as a testament to the game’s ability to seamlessly blend nostalgia, exploration, and puzzle-solving. As players traverse captivating landscapes and engage with endearing Goron characters, the quest transforms into a poignant journey through time and memory. Gear up, capture the magic, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Moon Gazing Gorons — an adventure transcending mere gameplay, etching an indelible mark on the hearts of players.


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