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Phinnaeus Moder: A Deep Dive into Hollywood’s Private Family

Phinnaeus Moder

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Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, Hollywood power couple, have successfully kept their private life away from the spotlight. Despite their fame, the couple prioritizes shielding their three children – Phinnaeus, Hazel, and Henry – from the prying eyes of the public. In this article, we will delve into the life of Phinnaeus Moder, shedding light on the eldest child of this notoriously private family.

A Rare Glimpse into Family Life

Both Julia Roberts and Danny Moder maintain a low profile on social media, reserving their accounts mostly for work-related posts. However, in November 2022, Julia broke her usual pattern to celebrate the 18th birthday of her twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel. This rare Instagram post offered a glimpse into their family life, emphasizing the importance of privacy.

Phinnaeus and Hazel Moder: The Eldest Siblings

Phinnaeus and Hazel, born in November 2004, represent the older generation of Roberts and Moder’s children. Despite their mother being one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors, the Moder family prefers a quiet life at home. In an interview with Oprah and Harper’s Bazaar, Julia Roberts revealed that her children were blissfully unaware of her fame until just a few years ago.

A Quirky Anecdote: Finn’s Take on Fame

Known as Finn in the family, Phinnaeus once amusingly questioned his mother’s celebrity status. Roberts recalled the moment when he asked, “Are you more famous than Taylor Swift?” highlighting the innocence and lack of interest in the trappings of stardom that prevail in the Moder household.

Life Beyond Hollywood: UC Berkeley Bound

While Julia Roberts occasionally brings her kids to work, like Finn accompanying her to an InStyle interview, the family’s primary focus remains on a quieter life outside of Los Angeles. The purchase of a home in San Francisco, as reported by Closer Weekly, reflects Julia’s desire to provide her children with a peaceful upbringing away from the constant glare of Hollywood. Hazel and Phinnaeus reportedly embarked on their college journey together at UC Berkeley in 2022.

Henry Moder: Embracing the Outdoors

The youngest of the Moder siblings, Henry, was born in June 2007. Danny Moder’s Instagram offers glimpses into Henry’s love for the outdoors, showcasing beach outings and energetic trampoline sessions. Julia Roberts, a strict parent when it comes to social media, revealed in an interview with The Sun in 2019 that her children have limited access to these platforms. She emphasized the importance of monitoring their entertainment choices and acknowledged the challenges of raising kids in a digitally dominated era.

Balancing Act: Julia’s Approach to Parenting

Roberts, known for her exceptional acting skills, also excels in the role of a vigilant parent. She not only limits her children’s exposure to social media but ensures they spend their formative years playing outside and bonding as a family. Her insights into the challenges of parenting in the digital age highlight her commitment to providing a well-rounded and grounded upbringing.


In a world where celebrity families often become the center of attention, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder stand out for their commitment to privacy. Phinnaeus Moder and his siblings navigate their childhood with a refreshing lack of interest in the glitz and glam of Hollywood. As we catch rare glimpses into their lives, it’s evident that the Moder family prioritizes the simple joys of family time and outdoor activities over the allure of stardom.


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